BlueSky Statistics User’s Guide

BlueSky Statistics is an easy-to-use and powerful menu-based system for data science. Its menus and dialog boxes make quick work of graphs and analysis, without having to learn to program. However, behind the scenes, it writes programs using the powerful R language. It can show you the code it writes, allowing you to learn R and modify what it is doing. R programmers can easily add menus and dialog boxes to add features to BlueSky.

This book is written in a clear style that assumes little background in statistics or machine learning. It includes:

  • An introduction covering the basics to get you going quickly
  • Setting output styles (journal style vs. spreadsheet style), and graph themes
  • Step-by-step instructions for most types of graphs and analyses available in the software
  • How to interpret each graph and set of output
  • Details of the Analysis Window, Datagrid, Output Window, and Model Scorer
  • Comparison of the Model Fitting and the Model Tuning menus
  • Extensive cross-referencing to help you relate one topic to another
  • Extensive index allowing you to quickly search by topic, or by R function or R package.
  • A glossary of BlueSky terminology

Robert A. Muenchen has met weekly with the BlueSky Statistics design team for several years, resulting in hundreds of improvements to the software. He is the author of R for SAS and SPSS Users, and co-author of R for Stata Users and An Introduction to Biomedical Data Science. An ASA Accredited Professional Statistician, Bob has written or co-authored over 70 articles published in scientific journals and conference proceedings and has provided guidance on more than 1,000 graduate theses and dissertations at the University of Tennessee.