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Dueling Data Science Surveys: KDnuggets & Rexer Go Live

What tools do we use most for data science, machine learning, or analytics? Python, R, SAS, KNIME, RapidMiner,…? How do we use them? We are about to find out as the two most popular surveys on data science tools have … Continue reading

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Keeping Up with Your Data Science Options

The field of data science is changing so rapidly that it’s quite hard to keep up with it all. When I first started tracking The Popularity of Data Science Software in 2010, I followed only ten packages, all of them classic … Continue reading

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Python and R Vie for Top Spot in Kaggle Competitions

I’ve just updated the Competition Use section of The Popularity of Data Science Software. Here’s just that section for your convenience. Competition Use is a web site that sponsors data science contests. People post problems there along the amount … Continue reading

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