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R Workshops Updated to Include the Latest Packages

Two new R packages are quickly becoming standards in the R community: Hadley Wickham’s dplyr and tidyr. The dplyr package almost completely replaces his popular plyr package for data manipulation. Most importantly for general R use, it makes it much easier … Continue reading

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R Passes SPSS in Scholarly Use, Stata Growing Rapidly

by Robert A. Muenchen [Since this was originally published in 2014, I’ve collected new data that renders this article obsolete. You can always see the most recent data here. -Bob Muenchen] Here is my latest update to The Popularity of … Continue reading

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Knoxville R Users’ Group Meets September 3rd

The Knoxville R Users Group (KRUG) is hosting a brown bag viewing of RStudio’s webinar “Interactive Reporting" at 11am, Weds 3-Sept-2014 in 427 Hesler on the UTK campus “Hill" . Per, data scientist Garrett Grolemund and software engineer Joe … Continue reading

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