Second Edition

The second edition of R for SAS and SPSS Users adds 216 pages on topics including:

  • It is easier to find reference material using the new list of tables, list of figures and the index which now has four times as many entries.
  • New sections show how to run R from within Base SAS, SAS IML/Studio, WPS, Excel and several R-optimized text editors.
  • New GUI coverage includes RStudio, Deducer and the Enterprise Miner-like Red-R.
  • New data acquisition topics include reading data from web sites, the clipboard and improved examples of reading from Excel, databases, SAS, SPSS, tab-delimited file and files that contain more than one case per line.
  • How to select all numeric or character variables (like VAR A-numeric-Z; or A-character-Z in SAS);
  • How to select random samples
  • How to standardize or rank variables
  • How to find and remove observations that are duplicate only on key variables (like PROC SORT NODUPKEY)
  • How to transpose data sets
  • How to perform character string manipulations using the new stringr package
  • How to do date and time manipulations with the new lubridate package
  • Enhancing your output for use with word processors, web pages or LaTeX
  • How to generate repetitive patterns of variable names and matching widths for reading complex text files
  • How to make geographic maps
  • How to do the sign test for paired groups
  • And various minor improvements on almost every page

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