BlueSky Statistics User Guide

BlueSky Statistics is an easy-to-use and powerful menu-based system for data science. Its menus and dialog boxes make quick work of graphs and analysis, without having to learn to program. However, behind the scenes, it writes programs using the powerful R language. It can show you the code it writes, allowing you to learn R and modify what it is doing. R programmers can easily add menus and dialog boxes to add features to BlueSky. Read my full review here, and download the software free from the BlueSky website.

The BlueSky Statistics User Guide is written clearly, assuming little background in statistics or machine learning. The latest version (10.x) is available below, where you can read it online for free. While it lacks a search function, the table of contents and index are extremely detailed and contain live links to each topic. I do not provide PDF versions as the advertising on this site helps fund the manual’s frequent updating. After version 7 is fully integrated into version 10, a printed version of this User Guide should be available later The guide for the previous version of BlueSky (7) is only available in printed form here.


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