I enjoyed teaching R workshops for many years, but I have retired from teaching them. I leave the workshop pages up just to let people know.

Need R training?  I’ve trained well over 500 organizations in how to use R and have received very favorable reviews. I have taught workshops in partnership with the American Statistical, New Horizons Computer Learning CentersRevolution Analytics,, Rexer Analytics, and Xerox Learning Services. This page and the Workshops menu above contain links to course details for Introduction to Modern RR for SAS, SPSS and Stata Users, Managing Data with R, Machine Learning with R, and Text Analysis with R.

Click here for a slideshow of previous workshops.


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  1. I am a SAS programmer and admin, currently working in a top tier MNC in India. There may occur a situation where the sas codes may have to be migrated to R. For that I need to do an extensive POC. Do you provide training for this? Or can you refer to any materials which I can refer to for achieving my task?

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