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R #1 by Wide Margin in Latest KDnuggets Poll

The results of the latest KDnuggets Poll on software for Analytics, Big Data and Data Mining are out, and R has moved into the #1 position by a wide margin. I’ve updated the Surveys of Use section of The Popularity of Data … Continue reading

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R Now Contains 150 Times as Many Commands as SAS

by Bob Muenchen In my ongoing quest to analyze the world of analytics, I’ve updated the Growth in Capability section of The Popularity of Data Analysis Software. To save you the trouble of foraging through that tome, I’ve pasted it below. … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Replaced by an Analytics Robot

It was only a few years ago when the N.Y. Times declared my job “sexy". My old job title of statistician had sounded dull and stodgy, but then it became filled with exciting jargon: I’m a data scientist doing predictive analytics with … Continue reading

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Stata’s Academic Growth Nearly as Fast as R’s

by Bob Muenchen Analytics tools take significant effort to master, so once learned people tend to stick with them for much of their careers. This makes the tools used in academia of particular interest in the study of future trends … Continue reading

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