Need R training? I’ve trained well over 500 organizations in how to use R and have received very favorable reviews. I’m currently a training partner with, Revolution Analtyics, and Xerox Learning Services. This section contains details regarding my workshops Introduction to Modern R, R for SAS, SPSS and Stata Users and Managing Data with R, as well as a free overview webinar, R for SAS and SPSS Users.

Click here for a slideshow of previous workshops.


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  11. Anirban Jyoti.Dey says:

    I am a SAS programmer and admin, currently working in a top tier MNC in India. There may occur a situation where the sas codes may have to be migrated to R. For that I need to do an extensive POC. Do you provide training for this? Or can you refer to any materials which I can refer to for achieving my task?

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