Below are the slides for the webinar I presented on October 5, 2011, Introduction to R for SAS and SPSS Users. The full presentation is available at http://bit.ly/R-sas-spss. Here’s the webinar description:

R is free software for data analysis and graphics that is similar to SAS and SPSS. Two million people are part of the R Open Source Community. Its use is growing very rapidly and Revolution Analytics distributes a commercial version of R that adds capabilities that are not available in the Open Source version. This 60-minute webinar is for people who are familiar with SAS or SPSS who want to know how R can strengthen their analytics strategy. It will include:

  • What R is and how it compares to SAS and SPSS
  • An overview of how to install and maintain it
  • How to find R add-on modules comparable to those for SAS and SPSS
  • Which of R’s many user interfaces are most like those of SAS and SPSS
  • How to run R from within SAS and SPSS
  • What a simple R program looks like
  • Q&A with Bob Muenchen

Join us for this webcast and find out how SAS and SPSS users can take advantage of R.

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