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Rexer Analytics Survey Results

Rexer Analytics has released preliminary results showing the usage of various data science tools. I’ve added the results to my continuously-updated article, The Popularity of Data Analysis Software. For your convenience, the new section is repeated below. Surveys of Use One … Continue reading

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Learning R: Live Webinar, Interactive Self-Paced, or Site Visit?

My recent blog post, Why R is Hard to Learn, must have hit a nerve as it was read by over 6,000 people in its first two days online.  If you’re using R to augment your work in SAS, SPSS … Continue reading

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Specifying Variables in R

R has several ways to specify which variables to use in an analysis. Some of the most frustrating errors can result from not understanding the order in which R searches for variables. This post demonstrates that order, hopefully smoothing your … Continue reading

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Why R is Hard to Learn

[An updated version of this article is here] The open source R software for analytics has a reputation for being hard to learn. It certainly can be, especially for people who are already familiar with similar packages such as SAS, … Continue reading

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